What if there was another way?

So at the moment.. my eczema has been a lot better but it’s often like a fiery beast that comes out at the best ( or worst) of times if you like.. including when you have been single two years and you are ready to go out dating again and it shows up red and flaky when I’m due to put on eyeshadow **Queue eye roll** somehow though I always manage to make it look ok.. I think then I think we’ll what if they saw me with these red fiery eyes.. would they think oh my god it’s the devil come back or would they actually not mind? Maybe it just means there’s a devil side to me or maybe it just means I have to create my own eczema cream ooo now there’s a thought…

Published by davrach86

I’m rachel I’m 34 and I live in the north west of the UK. I like reading, writing, socialising, watching dance and romantic comedies.

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