It’s that time of year..

It’s the time of year when eczema comes up my skin can feel it raw, red and itchy from the change in the weather. I’m stressed at the mo with the day job abs I know a lot of it is h okey I look at things my mindset which I’m getting better at.. I also Moisturise like hell and have a great skincare routine as well as steroids for my eczema I have the following..

A chance to give myself new found confidence..

I still feel ok without make up and that took a long time to feel ok without but sometimes wearing just a little foundation that doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any and just takes away the edge of the redness for me and there I’m almost human.

If you need help give me a shout don’t suffer in silence you can email me or you can check out my website http://www.younique

Published by davrach86

I’m rachel I’m 34 and I live in the north west of the UK. I like reading, writing, socialising, watching dance and romantic comedies.

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