This is what stress looks like

Covid 19 has been the brunt of our lives for over a year now and it’s only added to stress which has come out in my hands like this.

It’s ok though.. I’m trying a different sort of diet cutting out wheat, dairy, sugar and yes god forbid alcohol it’s actually to help my Ibs ( I should point out that the no dairy etc is just for 21 days) but I thought it would also help my skin too! Let you know how I get on with it all. Hands, one eye and behind my ear are what gets it the most.

What a difference 7 days make..

Have I got you singing now? What a difference a day makes 24 little hours!

I love younique absolutely and still do but I’m a little obsessed with skin in general as I suffer with eczema I’ve started making my own diy skincare and so far made make up remover and serum that can be used all over the face as well as eyes 👀 normally my eczema is incredibly dry and itchy this time of year but I’m really impressed with just over a week and my skin is soft and there’s hardly any eczema or redness!

Watch though as the weather is changing this weekend. I have still itched but not half as much!

First ones made!

I haven’t used the right containers but I’ve made make up remover and eye serum. In the container with the pink lid it’s make up remover and in the container with the purple lid it’s eye serum using carrier vegetable almond oil and Argan oil ( never put essentials directly on eye) these are carrier oils also known as vegetable oils specifically for mixing so you are able to do so! I’ll reviewing the results so you can see them!

A smidge of confidence

I’m mainly comfortable in my skin but sometimes when my eczema is quite bad I get the touch of liquid foundation and concealer and it’s not cakey it’s light and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing any if you want to see what it might look like on your skin have a nosey here,US-11805-00

It’s that time of year..

It’s the time of year when eczema comes up my skin can feel it raw, red and itchy from the change in the weather. I’m stressed at the mo with the day job abs I know a lot of it is h okey I look at things my mindset which I’m getting better at.. I also Moisturise like hell and have a great skincare routine as well as steroids for my eczema I have the following..

A chance to give myself new found confidence..

I still feel ok without make up and that took a long time to feel ok without but sometimes wearing just a little foundation that doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any and just takes away the edge of the redness for me and there I’m almost human.

If you need help give me a shout don’t suffer in silence you can email me or you can check out my website http://www.younique