Can’t wait to try..

I started this skincare DIY course about a month and a half ago I’ve not tried any of the recipes yet but I can’t wait if you fancy trying it as I’m sure if you are sure what you are putting on your skin your eczema would be a lot better if you do it’s here if you fancy trying it if not I’ll be sharing what I make and my results as we go along.

When your face is as hot as the sun ☀️

So no idea why or how I got this I had one beer last night the same as I always drink and this has never happened before, my skin got really hot my eczema round my eyes got itchy ( but not all my skin got itchy just my eyes and the black is mascara were I’ve itched myself that badly my mascara was black around my eyes. it was red blotchy – was beginning to feel like any minute I would burst into flames 🔥 it calmed down after about an hour possible steroid cream reaction? Or hops reaction? Maybe anyone else had this?

So what have I learned so far

So far a tiny bit of what I’ve learned in my DIY skincare course..
There are 3 oils highly recommended
💫Lavender – as it helps with burns,acne, eczema, antispectic, acts as a painkiller and helps you relax.
💫Tea tree – sunburn, again acne, depression improve mood and is used in household products.
💫Ylang ylang – low libido, helps fight infection, used in massages, helps tired aging skin
Which ones have you heard of?

When you stress..

Past few days I’ve had a little news to make me stressed and felt it coming out again my eye itchy for no reason.. is there anything you do I mean from the inside more water 💦? I tend to reach for alcohol when I’m stressed instead of something better. I think I’m going to try cucumber water something refreshing next time.