So what have I learned so far

So far a tiny bit of what I’ve learned in my DIY skincare course..
There are 3 oils highly recommended
💫Lavender – as it helps with burns,acne, eczema, antispectic, acts as a painkiller and helps you relax.
💫Tea tree – sunburn, again acne, depression improve mood and is used in household products.
💫Ylang ylang – low libido, helps fight infection, used in massages, helps tired aging skin
Which ones have you heard of?

When you stress..

Past few days I’ve had a little news to make me stressed and felt it coming out again my eye itchy for no reason.. is there anything you do I mean from the inside more water 💦? I tend to reach for alcohol when I’m stressed instead of something better. I think I’m going to try cucumber water something refreshing next time.

Look familiar?

I sent this to the doctor yesterday do you think the stress of moving house 🏡 plus stress at work..I know that it will get better as i don’t run around like a bull in a china shop anyone else relate? What do you use around your eyes?