It’s come back..

This is me on a good day top and the bottom is me on a very bad day! I haven’t actually been like the bottom for ages! It’s come back on my scalp though you know just to remind me it’s there! I hate that t gel stuff reminds me of tar and doesn’t do anything for the condition of my hair.. but while you can’t see it I think it’s better to pretend I have dandruff instead! But I feel if I look after myself inside like my well-being it will show more on the outside!

Second attempt!

Well I made more.. I tried the eczema cream with lavender and rosemary this time and managed to ground it down to a powder instead without using a blender or a Pestal and mortar! it’s currently chilling in the fridge and I think I’ll need it when I start back my 9-5 tomorrow as it’s amazing how not being at 9-5 it’s disappeared and how when I’m there it comes back think it’s trying to tell me something!