It’s come back..

This is me on a good day top and the bottom is me on a very bad day! I haven’t actually been like the bottom for ages! It’s come back on my scalp though you know just to remind me it’s there! I hate that t gel stuff reminds me of tar and doesn’t do anything for the condition of my hair.. but while you can’t see it I think it’s better to pretend I have dandruff instead! But I feel if I look after myself inside like my well-being it will show more on the outside!

Second attempt!

Well I made more.. I tried the eczema cream with lavender and rosemary this time and managed to ground it down to a powder instead without using a blender or a Pestal and mortar! it’s currently chilling in the fridge and I think I’ll need it when I start back my 9-5 tomorrow as it’s amazing how not being at 9-5 it’s disappeared and how when I’m there it comes back think it’s trying to tell me something!

Let it breathe..

Every Sunday I’ve now decided to let my skin breathe no make up at all. Sometimes a face mask ( completely avoiding the eczema on my eyes) and makes my skin feel more like me and ignore the fact I have red itchy skin around my eyes.. I know most people aren’t wearing much make up at all and are looking after skin more which is great! Looking after skin having a skin regime is what I think is the first step to looking after my eczema and I have done for some time now. So do you have a skin care regime?