Let it breathe..

Every Sunday I’ve now decided to let my skin breathe no make up at all. Sometimes a face mask ( completely avoiding the eczema on my eyes) and makes my skin feel more like me and ignore the fact I have red itchy skin around my eyes.. I know most people aren’t wearing much make up at all and are looking after skin more which is great! Looking after skin having a skin regime is what I think is the first step to looking after my eczema and I have done for some time now. So do you have a skin care regime?

So you can’t wear make up with eczema doesn’t it make it worse?

Actually the answer to this is no it doesn’t make it worse at all not if you use make up that doesn’t have any perfumes that would affect your skin. The key is to use a hydrating primer and plenty of moisturiser or a heavy duty moisturiser and use something like a spray foundation, liquid or bb cream which is lighter on the skin.. powder is a no unless it’s in the bits that don’t have eczema as it just shows all the flaky bits otherwise..

Stress stress stress

Who’s stressed right now? You… yep me too which is why I think that no matter what creams I use it stays where it is think I’m permanently going to have red eyes.. like some kind of darth Vader.. or doesn’t darth have white eyes I can’t remember? But one eye is red and the other is what is class as ‘normal’ I’ve been meditating the lot trying to reduce my stress!

Flaky jake

So I’ve stopped using hydrocortisone and benevate as so called its only suitable for 2 weeks so the make up I’ve got on today sits you know in those tiny cracks.. near my eyes which I might add have got worse as I’ve got older I call them laughter lines still do I’m only in my early 30’s but I think so what it proves you are having a good rich life! Anyway I’m think maybe I need to look around on Pinterest for more eczema cream related recipes considering the last lot of cream looked more like it should be eaten rather than put on my face!

Does the sun help?

Ever since I’ve had eczema I’ve been told the sun helps and especially on days like this where is 24 / 25 degrees still have to be careful and today is no exception! But my eyes feel itchy again today I think it might possibly be hay fever as well as eczema because I know they go hand in hand. Sunbeds used to help but I wouldn’t recommend going on them in a regular basis.. stay safe in the sun and my eczema went away a little maybe yours will too!

Will the redness ever go?

I think I’m permanently going to have red eyes kind of like a red darth Vader stuck in time like red piss holes in the snow.. I’ve always been told I had good skin and I relatively think I do but sometimes it’s red raw and flaky especially with corns and stress at the moment I love experimenting with new creams so perhaps there will be more and I’ll let you know how it goes…

I tried it!!

Yesterday and this morning I tried my homemade eczema cream granted I couldn’t grind the oats to dust well who has a pestle and mortar these days anyway so I did what I could with a Tesco food bag and a rolling pin.. ha! My face is silky smooth and my eczema is almost gone! I used olive oil, coconut oil, ground oats and rosemary oil.. think it looks more like it should be a mask than cream but all credit to rachel Hollis on Pinterest this ‘cream’ seems to have so far done the trick!

Let’s try it..

Right all the ingredients bought now only four I don’t have a Pestel and mortar to ground up the oats but I have a rolling pin and food bags! I’m actually excited!! Let you know how it goes think I’m going to try it tomorrow.. want to see how it works with mr eczema been in touch with someone who has made their own skincare range!! Now wouldn’t that be exciting!