Will the redness ever go?

I think I’m permanently going to have red eyes kind of like a red darth Vader stuck in time like red piss holes in the snow.. I’ve always been told I had good skin and I relatively think I do but sometimes it’s red raw and flaky especially with corns and stress at the moment I love experimenting with new creams so perhaps there will be more and I’ll let you know how it goes…

I tried it!!

Yesterday and this morning I tried my homemade eczema cream granted I couldn’t grind the oats to dust well who has a pestle and mortar these days anyway so I did what I could with a Tesco food bag and a rolling pin.. ha! My face is silky smooth and my eczema is almost gone! I used olive oil, coconut oil, ground oats and rosemary oil.. think it looks more like it should be a mask than cream but all credit to rachel Hollis on Pinterest this ‘cream’ seems to have so far done the trick!

Let’s try it..

Right all the ingredients bought now only four I don’t have a Pestel and mortar to ground up the oats but I have a rolling pin and food bags! I’m actually excited!! Let you know how it goes think I’m going to try it tomorrow.. want to see how it works with mr eczema been in touch with someone who has made their own skincare range!! Now wouldn’t that be exciting!

Well I bought one thing…

I bought some rolled oats.. now before you go all crazy on me thinking why she bought that I’m going to have a go at making my own eczema cream ( just a moisturiser) you know as I’ve used so many things.. but my eyes have been through weird weather changes and stress oh yes definitely stress! Who can relate? I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…there are other ingredients besides oats but I’m just willing to try anything this stage!

Eye eye

For as long as I can remember since being a baby I’ve had eczema..I can’t believe I still have it to be honest.. ( excuse the pun) I had it on my scalp my hands, feet, behind my knees on my face and my eyes. Pretty much everywhere, I was told as I got older it would gradually disappear now in my 30’s no such luck and in fact during covid 19 it’s even worse! Can anyone else relate? At the moment it’s on my eyes mainly, my armpit and my scalp. I’m here to share my story of living with eczema in the hope to confirm you are not on your own.

What if there was another way?

So at the moment.. my eczema has been a lot better but it’s often like a fiery beast that comes out at the best ( or worst) of times if you like.. including when you have been single two years and you are ready to go out dating again and it shows up red and flaky when I’m due to put on eyeshadow **Queue eye roll** somehow though I always manage to make it look ok.. I think then I think we’ll what if they saw me with these red fiery eyes.. would they think oh my god it’s the devil come back or would they actually not mind? Maybe it just means there’s a devil side to me or maybe it just means I have to create my own eczema cream ooo now there’s a thought…